All of the information you need to know is on this website. If you need ask us about something you will need to email us.  

Have you looked at the website to see what you need.. the fees and dates are there. You can't register as an individual you need to register into a team thats been set up by your team organiser. We dont accept single registrations, you need a full team.

Please look at website first if you want to know how much where and when. Look at location tab eg. Croydon then go to registration fees and you will see  all the info you need.

If you have registered into a comp and you need to know what is happening email us at:

Dont forget to provide  details of who you are, your team name yourplaying category eg over 35 men or women all age, your location eg Croydon or Maroubra. Please provide a contact number as well.

We will not be responding to voice mail or sms messages on any phone numbers you may have used in the past

Emails sent to old email addresses are no longer monitored and will not be responded to.

If you have registered into a comp we will send you updates via email