Maroubra (Heffron Park- synthetic pitch) 

Spring/summer 2021-2022

Comp 1 Spring- In progress!

Comp 2 (25 Jan- 12 April) 15% OFF - REGO NOW OPEN BUT CLOSES SOON

Adult teams wanting to play new Summer Comp 2- registration now reopened with a 15% discount- but closes 12 Dec 2021.

  • Heffron Park, Maroubra- Tue evenings
  • This late starting season will include additional fixtures
  • Tue - Adult team comp-  Wednesdays or Fridays 
  • Wed - Junior and adult mixed comps -Fridays
  • Synthetic grass surface, undercover spectator seating  facilities block & 100 lux floodlighting!
  • Junior comps u6 to u16, mixed, boys and girls and adult mixed comps (Wed)
  • Men & women- All age, o35, o30, o45 and under 17/18 (Tues)
  • 10 rounds plus semis and finals - all team play a min of 11 games.
  • Registration open for both comps extended to sat 16 Oct. 
  • Registration fees click here 
  • Junior teams (u6-u14) get quality uniform to play in and keep (shirt shorts and socks)
  • Junior/youth teams (u15-u18) get quality uniform to play in (get to keep  shorts and socks but are to return the shirts)
  • Active kids vouchers are accepted(at time of payment)
  • Age and sex categories may be combined
  • u17/18 teams may be combined with the adult category
  • Junior times (5.00pm- 7.00pm) 
  • Adult times  (6.40-9.20pm) 
  • Specific Times played click here 
  • 10 rounds + semis & finals (all teams play in semis round) 11 games
  •  We play in the school holidays 
  • One double round will be scheduled in Comp 2 (ie teams play twice)
  • All games go ahead if raining


Comp info and registration


  • Only whole teams accepted (min 8 players to register in a team -6 play on field)
  • U6 & u7  are 5 a-side and play with small goals/no keeper (register a min of 7 players)
  • Juniors – u6-9 (can include all boys or all girls or a mix of both) u10 -16 (boys & girls)
  • Teams may be graded up or down u17/18 teams may be combined with adult teams.
  • Junior age categories may be combined if required
  • All junior levels welcome including specific academy teams
  • Adult comps include all age men and women, o35 & o45 men o30 women & all age mixed teams.Adult teams are responsible for their own playing strips and shirts shorts and socks are all matching for each player.
  • Registration close (Sunday 10 October). Comp Kicks off 20 Oct- 3 Nov)
  • Adult teams are responsible for their own playing uniforms and t-shirts are not permitted. All adult teams are to have matching shirts shorts and socks. The colour black is no longer permited. Numbers are not required.
  • Adult teams can purchase uniforms for an extra fee ($45 per player before 14 Aug or $60 per player after 14 August - allow 2 weeks for delivery) direct order. 


Age categories



  • Kids in under 6's must be born in and after January 2016 to play in the under 6’s.
  • If you have a team of under 6’s that play in the current 2021 winter season you  should register them in the under 6 category.
  • If you have a really strong junior team you may elect to play them up an age category.
  • Best to register your team in their current winter age category and we will move up an age if required
  • This is a social competition for kids that have some soccer experience, we do not offer coaching or training for these comps
  • It is required that all teams have a coach/manager/parent to do player substitutions
  • We do not accept single registrations



  • O35 mems teams, O45 mens teams & O30 womens teams can only register players that are in or over the age group
  • Adult Mixed teams must register a minimum of 3 women per team.
  • Females cannot play as goal keeper in the adult mixed comps.
  • Adult teams are responsible for their own playing uniforms and must be the same colour for each player-shirt, black shorts, black socks. Playing shirts are not to be t-shirts, must not be black in colour . Adult teams can purchase shirts shorts and socks from Super 6 Soccer during the registration.
  • We do not accept single registrations.





For more detailed information about this competition and registering your team click here: Register to play 




 Comp 3 (Autumn/Winter Apr to Jul 2021) TBA