Click here to start a new registration or go to register now button - but before you do please read below!  


6 a side for under 8-under 16 (min of 8 players to register)

5 a side for u6/7 teams (min of 7 players to register)

Junior teams get a playing uniform (shirts shorts and socks in spring comp) to keep 

Uniforms will be handed out prior to start of the competition. If, delayed bibs will be supplied. (colures will be allocated)

Shirt sizes are 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 

Enter your kids shirt size in the registration form

Shirts from last year can't be used

Junior team age categories  

Under 6 kids must be born in and after January 2012.

Current u6 winter teams should register in the under 6 spring category.

Best to register your team in their current winter age category - we will grade up if needed

Strong junior teams may elect to play them up a category.

This is a social comp for kids that have some soccer experience, we do not offer coaching or training for these comps- they just turn up and play on their designated evening.

All junior teams  should have a manager to conduct player substitutions.  


To enter a team - one person creates a team by entering 1 players detail's and paying. They get link from team section and sends to others to register into the team.

All contact details need to be filled out and a player photo needs to be uploaded 

A team is registered and accepted into comp once the minimum requirement of 8 players have registered and paid (7 for u6/7)

Registering a new team -  player invite 

  • Select 'Register to play' button

  • The team organiser -chooses venue, comp, category, team name, password and enters player details, uploads photo (theirs or childs) and pays (via PayPal or credit card in PayPal)

  • Team organisor enters team section via"Team organisor" button (top of page using team name and password). Team rego link is copied and emailed to invite others to join the team.
  • Invited players or parents click on the link received and submit their own details and photo and pay the fee to register into team.
  • Team organisor can check to see who has registered and paid. When you have the required number of players your team registration is complete. 
  • Teams must register a minimum of 8 players by the rego close off date. You can register up to 10 players 

New team set up 

  Steps in registering a new team
1 Select competition
2 Create new team
3 Select Player category
4 Enter player details and photo (1 player)
5 Enter team name and password (write it down)
6 Add player to this registration (ignore this) HIT NEXT BUTTON
7 Select season comp (1 or 2 comps for multi)
8 Confirmation and payment (for you or your child)
9 Paypal portal (pay by credit card or paypal withing portal)
10 Once paid a receipt is emailed to you (please keep it)
11 Go back to team organisor login on home page
12 Copy and send link to other players to register into your team
13 If you did not complete and pay for yourself hit resume registration in your team page area and pay
14  You can check whos registered and paid at any time in your team page area.












When registering: 

  • Don't leave the rego page, you will lose your entries. 
  • Use the link recieved to register, don't go directly to website to register into a team
  • Use a headshot photo less than 1 megabyte. Use this link to reduce size of photo Free Online Picture Resizer - Crop and Resize photos, images, or pictures online for FREE!  
  • Best to use a computer to register with Internet Explorer or Firefox - avoid Iphone, Safari browser, smartphone or Ipads
  • Computer is set to allow/enable cookies  
  • No sibling or student discounts available 

Team rollover - Junior teams cannot rollover registration 

Register a whole team and pay the registration fee for the team. 

An alternative way to register but is long and difficult and relies on the team organiser gathering everybodies details including photos. (Possible but not recommended). 


Teams that need extra players to form a team of 8 players can display a message in the FIND A TEAM MATE tab on the website (via facebook link)   

Click here to start registration

Help Guide- Registering a new junior team (team organiser)

Help Guide- Registering your child into a team (player or parent of player)