The new Super 6 Season is now open!

Our current spring comp is full and we have now officially opened our registration window for our new summeer comp that starts in December.

Get your teams organised now and register early to get an early bird discount. (now closes 6 November) Registration window closes  Saturday 26 November.

Register and play in 2 teams ie all age men team and mixed team and get another discount and we will ensure we organise your games so they dont clash 

Team organisor just sets up team and registers for one player then sends link to rest of team to register. All you need is 8 players and your done!

Summer Comp-Adult comp- All age men and women, over 35 men, over 30 women, over 45 men, adult mixed

Juniors pre -season comp under 8 to under 14 open to boys and girls teams.


Three comps available at Croydon (Centenary Park*)

Comp 1 (spring) Sep- Dec (WAS OVERSUBSCRIBED)

  •          Played Wednesday evenings
  •          Juniors - 7 Sep - 7 Dec 2016 (4.40- 6.10pm) 
  •          Adults- 7 Sep - 7 Dec 2016 (6.25-9.05pm)
  •          10 rounds + semis & finals (all teams play in semis round) 11 games
  •          Games are scheduled during Oct school holidays

Comp 2 (summer)  Dec- Mar (NOW TAKING REGISTRATIONS)

  •          Played Wednesday evenings- 6.20pm-9.05pm
  •          Adults - 7-21 Dec 2016 & from 6 Jan- 30 Mar, 2017
  •          10 rounds + semis & finals (all teams play in semis round) 11 games 
  •          Juniors - 25 Jan - 15 Mar 2017 (4.40- 6.10pm)
  •          5 rounds plus plus semis and final

Comp 3 (Autumn/Winter) Apr- Jul

  •          Played Monday evenings
  •          Adults 4 April -11 July 2017
  •          10 rounds + semis & finals (all teams play in semis round) 11 games

 Key Details 

  • We only accept whole teams - no single player registrations
  • Teams must register a minimum of 8 players (6 play on field)
  • U6 & u7 teams play with smaller goals and without keeper and can register a min of 7 players (only 5 a side on field)
  • Juniors – u6-9 (mixed) u10 -16 (boys and girls)
  • All junior levels welcome including academy teams
  • Adult comps include all age men and ladies, over 35 men and ladies, and all age mixed teams.
  • Adult mixed teams must register a min of 3 women and 2 must be on the field (not in goal).
  • 1 extra week is scheduled to play 1 rain cancelled round, all other rain cancelled rounds are not replayed in spring and sumer comps.
  • 2 extra weeks are added to make up for rain cancelled rounds in the winter comp.
  • All teams are graded to achieve balance where possible
  • Junior age categories may be combined where needed.
  • Junior teams must have at least 3 players that have played football before.
  • Teams that need extra players to form a team of 8 players can display a message in the FIND A TEAM MATE facebook link.
  • Single players looking to join a team can go to this section and contact the teams looking for extra players
  • *First 6 rounds in Spring comp will be played away from Centenary Park as it is rested in September - we resume the end of Oct.

Registration summary 

  • All registrations are done online via this website. 
  • Junior and adult early bird discount rego available to 31 July (10% off) for Spring comp, 6 November for Summer comp
  • All registrations for spring comp close 12 August , and 36 Nov for Summer comp
  • Adult teams that register for 2 or more comps get an additional discount (2 comps -15% 3 comps- 25%) 
  • Junior teams that register for the spring comp and our Jan preseason comp get an additional discount (2 comps -10%)
  • Teams can only rollover their registration in the current season (2016/17)
  • Junior teams cannot rollover their team regos

Junior fee (Spring comp- Sep- Dec)

  • Junior early bird rego= $175.50 per player (1 June- 31 July)
  • Junior standard rego = $195 per player (applies 1 Aug- 12 August)
  • All junior teams receive free quality full playing uniform valued at $50 to play in and keep!
  • Multi comp rego- $149.18 and $72.68 = $221.86

Junior fee (Summer shortened preseason comp 25 Jan- 14 Mar)

  • Junior early bird rego= $85.50 per player (applies 1 Jun- 22 Nov)
  • With multi comp discount=$72.68 per player (applies 1 Jun-31 July)
  • Junior standard rego = $95 per player (applies 23 Nov- 13 Dec)
  • No shirts  

 Adult fee (All comps)

  • Adult early bird discount rego= $189 per player (10% off)
  • Adult 2x comps (spring & summer)+ early bird rego =$160.65 per player per comp (additional 15% off) $321.30 per player in total
  • Adult 3 x comps (spring summer & autumn) = $142.13 per player per comp (additional 25% off) $426.39 per player in total 
  • Adult standard rego fee = $210 per player 
  • Adult teams are to provide their own shirts and must be numbered.
  • Players who register and play in two teams i.e. in a ladies team and in a mixed team will be given a further 10% discount on the second registration.
  • You can register directly into the 2nd (sum) or 3rd (autumn) competition  now if you dont want to play the Spring comp. 

Team age categories


  • Kids in the under 6 team must be born in and after January 2011 to play in the under 6’s.
  • If you have a team of under 6’s that play in the current 2016 winter season you  should register them in the under 6 category.
  • If you have a really strong junior team you may elect to play them up an age category.
  • Best to register your team in their current winter age category and we will grade accordingly
  • This is a social competition for kids that have team soccer experience, we do not offer coaching or training for these comps- they just turn up and play on their designated evening.
  • It is advisable that all teams have a coach or manager to conduct player substitutions.  


  • Over 35 teams can register only one player between 30-34 years
  • Over 45 teams can register 2 players between 40-44 years
  • Mixed teams must register a minimum of 3 ladies per team.
  • Females cannot play as goal keeper.


For more detailed information about this particular competition go to the individual tabs below Croydon.