New summer comps about to start! Team registrations close soon.

New summer comp registration about to close for Croydon, Maroubra, Kareela new West Epping adult category summer comps

Summer comp and rego dates*

Croydon - 12 & 19 Dec- 9 Jan- 27 Mar- Rego closes- Fri 30 Nov. We will accept any teams to the 6 Dec

Maroubra- Tue 4 11 18 Dec – 8 Jan -9 Mar. Rego reopened till Friday 30 Nov- We will accept one more ems team and one more womens team to 6 Dec

Kareela - Mon 3 10 17 Dec - 7 Jan- 4 Mar. Rego closes Wed 28 Nov, we will accept one more all age mens team

West Epping - Sunday 2 9 16 Dec - Mon 7 Jan- 4 Mar. Rego closes Mon 26 Nov (extended to 30 Nov)- we have 9 teams - we have reopened to accept any late comers! We will accept 1-3 mens teams this week.

*Adult comp dates

Adult and junior comps being offered (only adult comps at West Epping)

Go to location tab for rego info and fees for location you are interested in. 

Early bird rates have been extended for all our summer comps- but only for a limited time- see location tabs- registration fees

Don't leave it to the last minute to register your team, secure your place now at one of our 4 venues across Sydney. Centenary Park, Croydon, Kareela Oval, Kareela, Heffron Park, Maroubra  and now at the new Sythetic grass fields at West Epping Park complex.

Adult and Junior comps in spring and summer and will include a new junior pre-season comp at Croydon, Maroubra and Kareela in the summer period. See location tabs for all the details and dates.

Don't play against your own club teams, come and play in and independent comp where teams from all over come and play. 

While you wait check out our photos of the 100's of teams that have participated in the past 20 years and more recently across all our venues

Fixtures Results and Tables

Wet weather 

Croydon summer comp

All games are on at Croydon tonight Wed 19 Dec

Check back here for further updates if we get heavy rain!


Come and play in the best comp in Sydney
Many of teams already registered across all categories

4 locations -Adult and Junior comps in spring and summer 

New pre- season junior comps at Croydon, Maroubra , Kareela and now at West Epping Park!

Croydon - Wed -Centenary Park, Croydon- kicks off  12 19 Dec 2018. (Adult comp and Junior pre-season)

Maroubra -Tue, Wed, Heffron Park, Maroubra- Kicks off 4 Dec 2018  ( Adult comp and Junior pre-season (Wed-Junior Pre season 30 Jan-13 Mar)

Kareela Mon - Kareela oval, Synthetic- Kicks off 3 Dec 2018 (Adult comp and junior pre-season)

West Epping comp kicks off Sunday 2 Dec to Sunday 16 Dec then resumes Monday 7 Jan to Monday  4 March

Play once a week with your mates, stay fit sharp and healthy and have your weekends free!

Junior comps - from u6 to u18

Adult competitions include all age men, women, mixed, over 35 men, over 30 women, over 45 men

   "Play in the comp you know and trust can deliver"! -Super 6 Soccer 

Summer comps about to start

Our new series of adult super 6 soccer summer comps are about to kick off!

Registrations are about to close.

There is still time to register your team!

Over 200 teams participated in our Spring 2018 comps!

Over 60 teams have already registered for our summer comps.

We expect more by the rego close date! 

Come back and play with the comp you know can deliver!

Professional run 6-a side soccer comps

Croydon, Maroubra, Kareela and now West Epping 


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New Super 6 soccer 6 a side summer season rego now open! Register into 1 2 or 3 comps

Register now and save with massive early bird discounts







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